Thanksgiving is the peak day for cooking-related fires

Thanksgiving is the peak day for cooking-related fires
Posted at 2:04 PM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 18:45:29-05

Thanksgiving day marks the peak day for cooking-related fires, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. 

While deep-frying is becoming more popular to cook your turkey dinner, Temple Fire and Rescue took the time to show the community how to properly cook the turkey and maintain all fire safety rules

Thomas Pechal, Temple Fire Public Information officer says before the risk of fire ever comes up families should have a plan of action.

"It's a good idea to remind everyone in case of a fire, here's the how you get out here's our designated meeting place." Pechal says. 

It's not just cooking appliances going wrong Pechal says it's about not staying alert and in the kitchen at all times, but he gives a simple solution. 

"It is unattended cooking which is the cause for the fire to start out." Pechal says. "Watch what your cooking and if you have to leave for just a minute turn the heat off. It's not worth taking a risk." 

Follow these tips and to ensure you have a safe Thanksgiving. 

For more information on how to properly prepare a turkey, thermometer guidelines and more visit the National Turkey Federation website

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