Lawsuit filed by two women injured on closed slide at Broadway at the Beach dismissed

Posted at 12:44 PM, Nov 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 15:12:09-05

By WMBF News Staff

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A lawsuit brought by two New York women who reportedly suffered multiple broken bones on the Pipeline Slide at Broadway at the Beach’s Pavilion Park Central has been dismissed, just days after it was initially filed.

According to information from the Horry County Public Index, counsel for plaintiffs Ally Mulcahy and Jillian McGovern filed a stipulation on Monday to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice.

The two women brought the suit against Broadway at the Beach, Burroughs and Chapin and others on Nov. 15, according to court records.

NY women who sustained ‘significant injuries’ on closed slide at Broadway at the Beach file lawsuit ]

Mulcahy and McGovern were both in town for a friend’s wedding in April 2017 when they went to Broadway at the Beach, which was in walking distance to their hotel, the La Quinta Inn, the lawsuit stated.

The two reportedly passed by Pavilion Park Central, which was closed.

“Even though it was closed, the Plaintiffs were easily able to move the unsecured gate at the entrance to the Pipeline Slide and climb the stairs to the top of the slide,” the suit stated.

The lawsuit claimed since no employees were present to instruct the women on how to use the slide, they were not aware that they needed to have the slide sprayed with water, nor did they know that they needed a burlap sack to safely go down it.

“Without these safety precautions, the Plaintiffs slid down the slide at a very high velocity, colliding with the metal barrier at the bottom of the slide. As a result of the collision, both Plaintiffs sustained significant injuries," the lawsuit stated.

The women were reportedly taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for medical attention to stabilize their injuries. They then returned home and received additional medical care in New York, according to court documents.

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