130 living dogs, 44 dead found in 'deplorable and inhumane conditions' at New Jersey home

Posted at 4:09 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 17:09:37-05

The New Jersey State Police arrested a woman for keeping more than 100 dogs in deplorable and inhumane conditions in her home.

According to police, on Tuesday, detectives arrived at 65-year-old Donna Roberts’ home and observed evidence of animal cruelty inflicted upon various breeds of dogs on the property.

The odor of animal feces and ammonia permeated the inside of the residence, which caused several of the responders to experience dizziness and nausea.

Upon further investigation, detectives discovered 130 living dogs and 44 deceased dogs that were packaged in plastic bags and stored in freezers throughout the residence. It was determined that four of the dogs were in critical condition and had to be transported to an emergency veterinary clinic. The remaining dogs were evaluated and treated at the scene by animal shelter workers.

"Although the circumstances surrounding the demise of the 44 dogs that were discovered inside plastic bags in freezers remain under investigation, the deplorable and inhumane living conditions the rescued dogs were forced to endure is tragic," said Colonel Patrick Callahan of the New Jersey State Police. "Troopers take an oath to protect and safeguard life, including the lives and well-being of pets, which can be vulnerable to abuse."

The Monmouth County SOCA has taken in over 30 dogs and puppies from the home and will now start the process of giving these animals full medical exams and treatments over the next few days.

Many of the dogs and puppies have upper respiratory infections along with skin issues, overgrown nails and untreated ear infections, among other things.

Roberts was charged with animal cruelty and released with a pending court date. The case is being prosecuted by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.

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