First woman elected as McLennan County Commissioner

Posted at 7:18 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 21:05:29-05

Patricia Chisolm-Miller became the first woman ever elected to the McLennan County Commissioner's Court.

"I'm elated to be elected period but when I think about the historical significance of this election, its humbling," Chisolm-Miller said. 

She will be the only woman, and Democrat, serving on the Commissioner's Court. She will represent Axtell, Mart, Hallsburg, East Waco, part of Bellmead and portions of South Waco and North Waco.

“I do understand that young girls and young women, there’s a responsibility I owe to them in how I approach this position," Chisolm-Miller said.

On her first year in office, the 60-year-old wants to move forward with policies that can help improve wages and bring more quality jobs to McLennan County. In addition, she wants to implement recommendations of a study conducted by the Langerman Foster Engineering Company last year that could help fix roads. 

Some of her constituents in Axtell who didn't support her on Nov. 6 said they would like to see deteriorating roads fixed. 

"I'm hoping to use some of the findings in the Langerman Foster study and put it to the test with our roads out there and see if we can come to what is the problem with the base failure there and we can give them the better roads they deserve," Chisolm-Miller said.

The commissioner-elect for Precinct 2 said she plans to propose the court to fund the recommendations. 

In East Waco, one of the voters who supported her, Carla Dotson, said she would like the commissioner to help with job creation. In addition, she would like to see her be the voice of her community, attracting family entertainment businesses to Elm Avenue. 

"Her as the first female commissioner to be more involved with the development that we are going to see here," Dotson said.

The owner of the Boardwalk on Elm food truck would also like to see Chisolm-Miller address the needs of those who live outside of the city.

"I just believe she can continue on through her term, to make some improvements to the rural areas," Dotson said. 

Chisolm-Miller said she plans to be a full-time commissioner once she takes office on Jan 1. 

Some residents have voiced concerns about her predecessor Commissioner Lester Gibson missing multiple Commissioner Court meetings.

“As we progress forward, I can give them the assurance that I will be in attendance of the meetings. I will come to where they need me to come to speak to them one on one," Chisolm-Miller said.

She has worked on an administrative assistant for Commissioner for Precinct 2 Lester Gibson for 23 years. He will retire from his position at the end of this year. 

According to county officials, Beverly Cox was appointed as Commissioner Pct. 3 and completed the term through Dec. 31, 1976.

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