Veteran empowers children through Soldier Up program

Posted at 8:18 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-12 21:39:30-05

The military lifestyle is one that stays with its members and their families for a lifetime.

The way the military and their families operate through their daily lives is often tactful and with great mental fortitude. That is what Neal Saunders is bringing to the local youth in Killeen.

Saunders, a veteran and former D1 athlete, helps instill his learning from his time spent in the Army into the children at his inspirational/athletic training camp.

Saunders started Soldier Up, a program that caters to athletes in the Central Texas Region, to not only help local children excel in their sport but more importantly, excel in their lives.

"The biggest thing here is to inspire and encourage the next generation of top athletes and successful men and women alike," Saunders said.

He attributes how he found his calling back to a certain moment.

"It was actually one day in Iraq during an ambush where I really fell back in love with sports and realized that that is how I was going to change the world," Saunders said.

And his trainees and their parents can see a change in the overall confidence of their children.

"It's built up my confidence as a football player and a person it got me stronger both mental and physical," Bryan Morgenroth said.

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