Students celebrate Take A Vet to School Day

Posted at 2:18 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 15:18:09-05

Alicia and Alex Miranda know their father made a sacrifice by choosing to serve his country.

"Our sacrifice is that we have to be strong and let him go help people when he's gone. And his sacrifice is going and helping people," said Alicia. 

"It's the call to arms. The call to serve our nation, and it's what we've signed up for," said Lieutenant Colonel Roger Miranda.

It is a sacrifice his kids said is worth making. 

"Whenever he's gone, I feel kind of happy, because I know that he's helping other people," said Alex. 

That's why they brought him to South Belton Middle School's 7th Annual Take a Vet to School Day.

"It's just really great to see you know just walking down the hallways and students thanking me for my service," said LTC Miranda. 

"We hope also that our students learn what it means to celebrate and honor Veterans Day and why we observe Veterans Day," said Principal Kevin Taylor.

Alongside their loved ones, students gathered to discuss what Veterans Day means to them.

It was a message students were excited to share.  

"It's kind of like a show and tell where you get to show off something kind of cool to your friends, but then you're showing off your family, so it makes you feel even better," said Alex. 

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