Veterans celebrate holiday weekend with free lunch

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 19:27:49-05

Sabrina Meyer has been stationed on Fort Hood for a year. 

“This is my first veterans weekend here,” said Meyer. 

She said she feels at home. 

"The experience here on Fort Hood has been great. I love the area. I love the community,” said Meyer. 

A community that made her and her active duty husband feel valued.

They are just a few of many veterans who came out to The Carlson Law Firm's third annual Veterans Day Free Food Truck Rally.

"This event is something we wanted to do to bring more people in and just show our love for the soldiers," said Craig Carlson from The Carlson Law Firm. 

Alongside their families, veterans enjoyed free food from a variety of local food trucks.

Many visited the event during their lunchtime to spend a moment with their friends and families.

"And I must say that this is a great event, and I am truly thankful for this," said Meyer. 

A message that hit home for those involved.

"Having served in the military, we realize and recognize the great sacrifices that the soldiers and their families make for all of us to have freedom,” said Carlson. 

Something Meyer said is always good to hear.

"Knowing that people are thankful for what we have done for the country and what we are continuing to do for the country," said Meyer. 

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