Hewitt City Council to find new city manager

Posted: 10:46 PM, Nov 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-06 07:07:30Z
Hewitt City Council to find new city manager

It was a packed chamber during Tuesday nights Hewitt City Council meeting. The item on the agenda that drew the crowd was City Manager Adam Miles. 

Many people supported Miles, and many people wanted to see a change. The main concern that was brought up was the expense to fire Miles and what that would mean for the community. 

"The cost is going to be to the city not only monetarily will be increasing and the residents will be cut with costs," said Ann Schiltz, who is in support of Miles. 

Another man who spoke in support of Miles was Bob Potter. He explained to the community that if council members terminate Miles' contract, the city should make public any settlement given so the community knows where their tax dollars are ending up. 

Some Hewitt citizens believe it's been 10 years too long. Kurt Krakowian, no stranger to controversy at Hewitt City Council meetings, was the only one to publicly speak out against Miles.

"As a citizen of Hewitt it's important for us to move forward and look for a new city manager I think Mr. Miles got too comfortable," Krakowian said. 

And after many others spoke their peace, the city council decided to end Miles' employment.

The Hewitt fire chief will now serve as interim city manager. This is just the latest in a string of shakeups for the Hewitt City Council, back in September -- it voted to replace long-serving city attorney Charles Buenger.

Also in May, several complaints of misconduct were filed with the Texas workforce commission against Mayor Ed Passalugo.

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