Snake reunited with owner after found in Goodwill donation box

Posted at 1:02 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 14:59:08-05

A wayward snake found in a donation bin at Goodwill Fort Worth has been reunited with its owner. 

The snake was found in a bin by processor Tassy Rodgers, who called James Murphy, Assitant Manager for Aftermarket Sales, for help. 

Murphy, a snake owner himself, coxed the snake off the bin and put it into a safe tub.

About a week later, 22-year-old Austin Pair received a call from a friend that his missing pet snake may have been found at Goodwill. 

Pair said Toki, his 7-year-old albino red tail boa, had been missing for over four months from his home he shared with four roommates in Saginaw, a suburb of Fort Worth.

Pair and his roommates looked everywhere for the snake, including inside the couches, but had no luck finding Toki. Pair said he assumed the snake got out of the home somehow.

When it came time to move out the house in Saginaw and back with his parents in Keller, Pair donated two couches and some clothes to the local Goodwill location. 

Pair said he believes Toki had made home in one of the couches before the donation. 

Goodwill Fort Worth employees said they believe while the couch was sitting in the cold back room of the Saginaw location, Toki slipped out and went into a bin of clothing seeking warmth. The bin then made its way to the Campus Drive sorting facility, where it was found by Rodgers.

When his friend called him about the snake found at Goodwill, Pair looked up the story online to discover his missing pet had been found.

Toki has been reunited with Pair, who has since adopted four ball pythons. 

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