Details of missing 2-year-old's death shock community

Posted at 1:54 PM, Nov 03, 2018
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This weekend’s sickening details of the death of a little Brazos Valley girl has almost all of Texas talking.

Now, a case that started in College Station, will likely play out in Galveston, on the gulf coast. 

Posters asking for information on missing 2-year-old Hazana Anderson still cling to light poles at College Station’s Gabbard Park, even though people here, have increasingly come to believe she never disappeared from here.

Tiaundra Christon reported her little girl missing from here Sunday.

By Monday, police had arrested and charged her with child endangerment and filing a false report.

For most here, the arrest of Christon’s boyfriend Kenny D’Shawn Hewett, a few days later sealed the case.

"Basically it was just them that was involved.  It was a family thing," said Michael Watkins, who lives nearby.

Then came the discovery of remains, more than one hundred miles away in Galveston County. The remains have not been identified at this time.

On Friday, grisly details of Hazana’s death went public in this affidavit, the result of hours of questioning and investigation.

”You have to interview a lot of witnesses, you have to deal with family members, friends and so we have to take all that information, put it together and then try to go out and see exactly if we can find the young child,” said Lt. Craig Anderson of the College Station Police Department.

The affidavit details how Christon said Hewett beat and tortured the toddlers, sometimes with her mother’s help, and how they tried to revive her when she lost consciousness and tried to warm her with a hair dryer to the point of burning her flesh.

Finally, the document explains how they wrapped the baby’s body and kept it in the back of a car until they could throw it into Moses Bayou.

For now, police won’t say the remains they found, belong to Hazana, but the picture of what happened seems to get clearer all the time.

”Well, you know, everything takes time, so you have to finish investigating everything, you just never know how long it’s gonna take so, to say it’s gonna take place quickly it would be hard for me to say at this time,” said Anderson. 

Meantime, people continue to visit this popular park, where investigators found a baby doll dressed in Hazana’s clothing, inside a handbag in this trash can.

To know a family member took part in a child’s disappearance and possible murder still sends chills through Codi Harder.

”That would be really scary because for me personally, I always rely on my family for everything.  Thinking that a family member could do that to a little niece or nephew or anything is really scary to think about and uncomfortable,” she said. 

Friends of Tiaundra said that the person they knew could never take part in such a horrible act, then again, they indicated her recent infatuation with Hewett, more than ten years older, seemed to have changed her.

The baby’s father, Tabodrick Anderson, said as much, during the search for her.

”She started pushing the baby off on me a lot more, disappearing, you know, leaving my daughter with me for weeks,” said Anderson to KPRC.

Hewett's bond is set at $500,000. Christon's bond was set at $750,000. 

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