Middle school launches digital monitoring program for parents

Posted at 3:12 PM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 16:12:21-04

From iPads to cell phones, computers and more, kids these days have access to it all, and Killeen ISD stepped up to help parents manage their children's digital wellness.  

On Thursday, Liberty Hill Middle School hosted its first digital monitoring program.

Ebony Daniels said she keeps track of how her daughter uses her cell phone. 

"Just picking up the phone. I'm having the conversations about how to be responsible and how to be mature when using social media," said Daniels.  

However, she said there is always more to learn. 

"Monitoring has been a big thing since she first started or received a cell phone," said Daniels. 

That is why she participated in Liberty Hill Middle School's first digital monitoring program.

Alongside other parents, Daniels explored the topic of digital wellness for students.

"They want to protect them from things like online predators, scams, things like that. We also want our kids to have a positive digital image for their future," said Rebecca Fay, Liberty Hill Middle School librarian who helped host the program.  

Even the students said they are used to their parents checking their phones. 

"My parents just said one day that they were monitoring my phone," said student Jonathan Dominguez. 

"They look at my search history and what I've been texting to my friends," said student Andrea Guevara. 

Daniels said she is glad she participated in the program.

"I learned some valuable information to do in addition to what I'm currently doing to help her be safe as she's on social media and as she's using technology," said Daniels. 

"I think the most important message is just to make sure you're keeping up with what your kids are doing, and it's okay to monitor them. It's not spying. You're just making sure your kids are alright," said Fay. 

Liberty Hill Middle School officials said they will hold this program at least once a year or as many times as needed. 

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