Shooting range, customers react to elevated levels of lead found at facility

Posted: 7:15 PM, Oct 26, 2018
Updated: 2019-02-08 15:23:20Z
Shooting range, customers react to elevated levels of lead found at facility

A health alert released from the Bell County Public Health District said elevated levels of lead have been found at The Gun Range in Killeen. 

Edward Bunch said when he gets a free afternoon, he likes to head to a shooting range. 

"I try once or twice a month,” said Bunch. 

Bunch said the health alert does not surprise him.

"I think that's a valid finding. It's a gun range, you're going to find lead,” said Bunch. 

Chief Range Safety Officer and Gunsmith Jack Greenwell said about two months ago, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, inspected the Gun Range. 

"Well, the elevated levels of lead were because we needed to adjust out HVAC system and adjust some of our policies as far as cleaning. That's already been done. We've been working alongside OSHA. They gave us an amazing amount of information and guidance as far as ways to help our employees and our customers,” said Greenwell.  

The health alert said potential customers should know, sampling during the inspection identified lead on surfaces in customer areas as well as airborne lead levels behind the firing lines that exceeded permissible exposure limits to workers. 

"We've made a lot of adjustments. Those were actually done prior to Bell County Health District's public heath release. So, I do want everyone to know that it is absolutely safe to come here and shoot,” said Greenwell.

The health notice does not call the problem a public health issue. The lead stayed contained within the building, and the health district considers surrounding areas safe. 

Bunch said the findings will not come to stop him from using the facility. 

"If you're worried about lead, as long as it's not in the bullet coming at you, don't come here,” said Bunch. 

OSHA called this an open and ongoing investigation. At this point, they have no other information to share, until they finish their investigation.

In addition, since the Bell County Public Health District did not lead the investigation, they did not have anything to say, at this time.

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