TSTC inspire young women for 'Women in Technology' day

Posted at 6:41 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 13:29:56-04

Nationally, only 26 percent of the computing workforce are women, according to the National Center for Women and Information.

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is hoping to change that as nearly 250 young women toured TSTC for Women in Technology Day.

Students from Waco, La Vega, Connally and Itasca ISD participated in hands-on workshops gaining new skills and possibly finding a new passion. 

The girls visited many different parts of the college including construction and aerospace. In air traffic control they learned what students have to do to get planes on and off the ground safely. 

Darwin Klontz, Department Chair for Air Traffic Control, was excited to see all the young women touring this year. He says it's all about educating them and letting them know there are more career options to chose from. 

"There's a lot of talent from women and different people in the program and stuff like that," Klontz said. "So, if you make everyone aware of it they can make their decisions if its something that suits them." 

Touring the construction building was another part of their day. Rachel Mims is a building construction student and instructor at TSTC and one of the few in her class. She's hoping that these tours influence young women to join her. 

"Actually some of our current students were inspired by Women in Technology day and they're here because of that," Mims says. "So it's great to see the young ladies coming in more of them getting into the construction field."

Noor Delfin is one of those students, she's far from graduation but she's already considering her career options. 

"I want to do photography," Delfin says. "I also want to do other stuff and so I want to learn to see more of my options and what I can do."

During the construction class, the girls started small - learning how to make a picture frame. In the end, Mims wants this project to remind them to think outside the box. 

"Don't pre-judge a program, go on a lot of tours and find out what its like from the students," Mims Says. "If you can participate in Women in Technology Day do it and you might find out that you like something that you didn't realize you would like." 

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