Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $548 million

Posted at 10:18 AM, Oct 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 06:39:35-04

By Jordan Smith

(RNN) - No tickets matched all the numbers on Tuesday to win the Mega Millions' jackpot, so the grand prize is increasing to the third largest jackpot in the lottery’s history.

The jackpot, now at $548 million, has been growing since it was last won on July 24. The Tuesday drawing marked the 22nd consecutive drawing where no one matched all six numbers drawn, according to the lottery website.

The winning numbers were 20223954 and 60 with the Mega Ball number being 18.

The next drawing will be held Friday night at 11 p.m. ET.

A jackpot winner will match numbers on all five white balls and the Mega Ball. But even if you don’t hit the jackpot, smaller prizes can be won by matching fewer numbers.

For example, matching five white balls without the Mega Ball pays $1 million. Matching four white balls and the Mega Ball will get you $10,000.

More than 1.4 million winning tickets at all prize levels were sold for Tuesday’s drawing.

Since the last jackpot was won, more than 14 million winning tickets at all prize levels have been sold. Twenty-four of those were worth at least $1,000,000.

The jackpot odds are not in your favor. You only have a one-in-259 million chance of winning.

If you beat those odds, there’s also a chance someone else will have bought a winning ticket and you’ll have to split your prize.

Three winners split the record $656 million jackpot in March 2012, and two winners split the $648 million prize in December 2013.

A group of 11 office workers in San Jose, CA, who made a “spur of the moment” decision to pool together, beat the odds and won July’s jackpot. They agreed to split the winnings with each other and continue working.

Jackpot winners have a choice to make: cash or annuity. Those who take the cash will receive a one-time lump-sum equal to all the cash in the prize pool.

Those who opt for the annuity will get an immediate payment and then 29 annual payments, each five percent larger than the last.

Mega Millions is available in 44 states, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Alabama and Mississippi do not participate.

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