Waco K-9 and officer identified after dog attacked handler

Posted at 1:07 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 20:35:29-04

A Waco police dog died while the K-9 and his handler were helping other officers serve a warrant in the 2000 block of Seneca Avenue on Friday afternoon. 

According to Waco police, the police dog, Kastor, turned on its handler, for unknown reasons, and bit him. The K-9 handler, Michael Bucher, was being bitten in his inner thigh. The officer was continually giving commands for the 2-year-old dog to stop as detective, Eric Trojanowski, was attempting to physically pull Kastor away from the attack. 

Police said after repeated and multiple physical, verbal and other attempts to get Kastor to stop biting the officer, Bucher instructed the detective to shoot Kastor. The K-9 died at the scene. 

Waco police said, at this time, it appears the officers acted appropriately. The department plans to conduct a complete and thorough review of the entire incident and K-9 program.

"This was a tragedy for all involved and we want to ensure everything possible is done to keep this from ever occurring again," Sgt. Patrick Swanton said in a release.

Central Texas News Now requested body camera footage of the moments leading up to the shooting of the K9. However, the police department denied the request citing the incident is under investigation. The Office of the Texas Attorney General will determine if the footage can be released. 

Larry Dobbins, who was on his lunch break, described the situation as surprising and crazy.

"I agree because you have to protect yourself. The dog could've killed him. I agree what he had to do the dog. He didn't want to but it happened," Dobbins said. 

Throughout Friday afternoon, police attempted to serve the warrant. They questioned a woman who lived at the home about the whereabouts of the wanted man. She told Central Texas News Now the suspect used to live at the home but doesn't anymore. 

At one point, officers used a speaker to talk to the suspect whom they believe was inside of the house. 

"The tactical team that has been here for quite some time, has gone through the entire house. They are confident the individual we were looking for is not in the house," Waco police officer Garen Bynum said.

Officers cleared the scene around 4 p.m. when the crime scene technicians finished processing the scene where the K-9 died, which is standard procedure.

The suspect remains wanted and is evading law enforcement. The man is wanted on a robbery charge. 

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