Woman claims LA police officers beat son to the point of losing an eye

Posted at 11:48 AM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 12:48:06-04

By KSLA Staff

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY LA (KSLA) - A mother calls for justice following an alleged brutal attack on her son by Bossier City police officers.

A news conference was held on Wednesday by the Shreveport NAACP. President Lloyd Thompson said he was contacted last week by Inez Wiggins, the mother of Andre Price, 47, after she said her son was beaten by Bossier City police officers to the point where he lost an eye.

The incident happened on Friday, Sept. 21. She said her son was riding a bike near Benton Road when two officers stopped him because the bike didn’t have a light.

“The police did search him and they didn’t find anything on him,” Wiggins said. “Then they told him that he could go. ‘I said I could go? And they said yes.’ He turned around he was hit from the back and knocked down. And the beating began to start. They beat him until he was in a coma when he left the scene.”

She said that Price had to have his eye placed back in his head after the incident and has partial vision out of that eye.

"Andre is a quiet person that normally be by himself, " Wiggins said. “If it’s not with his friends or his girlfriend. He’s a cook, he’s an artist. He can draw. And now they’ve taken this away from him.”

Wiggins posted about the alleged assault last week which has gotten nearly 2,000 shares.

Wiggins said that her son is not a drug user and tested negative for drugs.

Wiggins said that she’s lost her confidence in the police department, but does not hate them. She added that they didn’t have to take such measures with her son, but instead could have Tazed him.

She was told that the police said that her son was only struck with a billy club.

“If you got a problem with the police department, you’ve got to start stepping up,” Wiggins said. “Martin Luther King did not march this march for nothing. He marched this march for freedom.”

We have reached out to Bossier PD for comment.

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