Rhule responds to racism allegations against former regent

Rhule responds to racism allegations against former regent
Posted at 11:39 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 00:39:10-04

Baylor officials confirmed they are investigating claims former chairman Richard Willis used racist language against the football team and made disparaging comments about campus coeds back in 2014.

Head football coach Matt Rhule responded to the situation today, saying he spoke with his team.

"You know, I really just feel for our older players because when the first story came out it involved the racist comments potentially whatever and I asked a couple of our older players 'are you okay with this? how ya feeling?'

They were sorta like hey coach we've been going through this for so long we're numb to it.' For me, that's sad, but it's real and they'll leave here more prepared for life. If anything though, I think addressing issues of race, I think addressing issues of anti-Semitism, I think addressing issues of talking about women, are all really important.

And that our words can be hurtful, and that hate can be hurtful I think is good. And I think a lot of our white players I think for the first time maybe in some of their lives saw some things from a different perspective and I thought it was really good for them. So if we can all leave with a better understanding of each other then this place will be that much healthier."

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