Church members send up prayers using balloons

Posted at 3:39 PM, Sep 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-30 16:57:17-04

On Sunday, around 200 church members from Toliver Chapel Baptist Church in Waco sent up prayers using balloons.

"Once those prayers go up, they begin to spread across the community," said Pastor Jimmy Hunter. "We don't know how far the balloons will go or how high they will go."

Prayers and petitions to God were stuffed inside the balloons with the hopes that they will find their way to someone in need.

"There's so much going on around the world, all over the world throughout and we thought that this would be something where we could reach everyone," said Linda Long, a church member.

Each balloon is carrying a different, thoughtful note written by members of all ages.

"I pray that everyone is safe. That no hurt, harm or danger comes to anyone," said Kaitlyn Phillips, Hunter's granddaughter.

"It was just a mind-blowing thing," said Joy Afenkhena, another church member. "All of the people here, understanding that people need to reach out more, be more thankful, be more thoughtful." 

This balloon release is an initiative of the church's annual Women's Day 2018 event which will be held in November.

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