Man hospitalized with brain injury after mistaking stranger's car for Lyft

Posted at 10:52 AM, Sep 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-30 11:52:06-04

by Jordan Smith

(RNN) - Christopher Matthews has been in an Oakland, CA, hospital for nearly three weeks and he’s finally starting to recognize his wife and kids.

His wife, Rebecca, said the details of how he got there are still fuzzy to him.

The couple was in San Francisco on the night of Sept. 8. They were waiting for their Lyft driver to arrive in a white sedan, according to KPIX.

When he saw one approaching them, he thought it was his ride. Unfortunately, it was not. The car belonged to a total, unsuspecting stranger.

Matthews said something to the person sitting in the passenger’s seat. That person suddenly got out and punched Matthews in the face.

His unconscious body dropped to the ground. The back of his head bounced on the pavement, leaving blood pouring from his ears, nose and his head.

Matthews suffered a traumatic brain injury and now police are looking for the person who threw the punch.

Investigators released a sketch of the suspect on Friday. He’s described as a 6-foot tall Asian man with a buzz cut.

Police called the punch aggravated battery.

“It’s scary I do hope we find him because I don’t want him to harm anyone else but it’s not going to help with recovery of my husband and what he has to go through,” Rebecca Matthews told KNTV.

She’s concerned about the quality of life her husband will have after he leaves the hospital.

"Will I ever be able to leave my husband alone with the kids again? I don't know," she told local KNTV. "Will I ever be able to let him drive without worrying? I don't know."

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