Racist note left instead of a tip at Kentucky Applebee's

Posted at 10:40 AM, Sep 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-30 11:40:46-04

by David Mattingly

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) - A Hardin County waitress said instead of a tip, a customer left her a racist message.

Written on the back of a paper napkin was a handwritten note that read, “We don’t tip black people.”

“You took the time to write a note, ‘We don’t tip black people’ -- but you couldn’t take a second to say hello or thank you?” Regina Boone, the server’s mother said.

Boone said her daughter, Jasmine Brewer, waited on a party of four at the Radcliff Applebee’s in mid-September. Afterward, the two men and two women departed, leaving only the handwritten note and no tip.

Boone posted a picture of the hateful words to Facebook with a passionate message saying in part, “You think racism does not exist, IT DOES!”

The post has been shared hundreds of times, receiving hundreds of supportive comments.

The social media outrage prompted some people to send Jasmine the tip she should have received that night. Her mother said supporters have given her $175.

“What it says is there’s good in this world,” Boone said. “Not everyone believes there’s racism. Not everyone sees color as the first thing they see when they meet someone.”

Jasmine was working at the Radcliff Applebee’s Friday night and not available for comment.

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