Fort Hood soldiers participate in Casualty Evacuation Training

Posted at 3:47 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 16:51:10-04

On order, the 3d Cavalry Regiment of Fort Hood deploys anywhere in the world and conducts combined armed operations to fight and win and
when they are not deployed, they train hard right here at home.

With the support of MEVV Strykers and HH-60 Aircraft, over 100 Soldiers in the 3d Cavalry Regiment, 3d Squadron participated in a Casualty Evacuation Leader Professional Development Session on Friday.

"It's the foundation of everything we do as Soldiers and Officers so when we are in combat situations or supporting a natural disaster, we need to know how to evacuate casualties," Home Station Commander for 3-3 Cavalry Regiment Major Josh Shaver said.  

The training took over a month to put together.

In order to help get a better understanding of their tasks in a combat zone. the Infantrymen practiced loading and unloading patients into and out of different medical platforms such as Strykers and Aircraft that are outfitted for casualty evacuation.

"From the point of contact where the person is injured, they are going to be carried by myself and three other Lieutenant's to the Stryker, we will then have to transfer him from the Stryker to the HH-60..." Intelligence Operations Officer Liam Torrey said.

The Infantrymen go through training like this as often as they can.

"Every individual is important, every task is important. This training helps us understand what individual task that each soldier who is a part of the team has to do to complete this to save lives," Major Shaver said. "In a combat situation when there are enemies shooting at you and you the ambiguous situations you are in, you don't have time to think, just react and this training allows our soldiers to do that."

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