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Forever Families: Meet Hunter

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-25 16:20:55-05

A Central Texas foster family dedicates their lives to children with specialized medical needs but they hope Hunter's story will be heard by the family that is meant to adopt him.

"Hunter's a very good, 14-year-old boy," said CPS Adoption Caseworker Kyle Michalka.

Rocking to the rhythm of country music with a smile that tells you he's having a good day, KXXV Central Texas News Now got to meet Hunter at his foster home.  Foster Dad Derrell Moore knows every day, Hunter is a living miracle.

"When I got him his eyes were dead.  He's interactive now and he's starting to fill out.  He looked like a Holocaust victim," said Moore.

But years ago, the Moore's were determined that the life would return in Hunter's eyes.  

"It's the moments when Hunter smiles at you and holds your hand gently, and you can see that his eyes are alive," said Moore.

His attendant Danielle Smart is studying to one day become an attorney that services children with special needs.  She is apart of the village of people wrapping their arms and hearts around Hunter's progress.

"It is really troublesome to think about what he's gone through already but to see how well he's come from where he started, it's a reminder that anything is possible with a little love and affection," said Smart.

Hunter's Adoption Caseworker Kyle Michalka is looking for a family that understands his medical and physical needs and feels called to give him a forever home.

"That would be an amazing day.  We will throw a party.  He's so deserving of it and would just benefit from that adoption.  When that day comes, we will all be there in support," said Michalka.

Until then, Hunter's village will keep giving him the love and support he deserves.

"Where ever he ends up, he is going to touch those people forever.  He's just one of a kind," said Smart.

You can read Hunter's bio, at The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnership for Children

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