Central Texas woman makes piñatas from her own home

Posted at 12:37 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 14:09:01-04

While they're typically associated with the Latin culture. Historians believe they actually originated in China. 

From a smiling sun to a dragon, unicorn, vampire, a princess and donkey, it seems Joann Moreno has done it all.

"I just started because my son wanted a specific piñata and I couldn't find it anywhere so I was like, let's just make it," Moreno said.

The Waco resident started her business, Nanas Piñatas, four years ago. "It usually takes me about a week to do a piñata. I like the adrenaline so I do them last minute," Moreno said.

She uses tissues paper as well as other supplies. What may surprise you is that she creates these just by looking at a picture.

"I just use my imagination," Moreno said.

Rocky Carr visits Waco often and thinks the creations are incredible. "I love piñata, pinatas are amazing," Carr said.

For piñata lovers like Carr, his favorite part is all the sweets that come out when they're knocked open.

"It's the candy for sure, it's the candy," Carr said.

For Moreno, it's the smiles she gets from youngsters when they see what she's created.

"If you can dream it and you feel like you can have it, then I can make it," Moreno said.

While most people put candy in piñatas, some also include other things such as mini balls, erasers, pencils, mardi gras necklaces, and mini bags of cookies and crackers.

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