Group registers young voters at school ahead of election day

Posted at 5:16 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-19 19:00:37-04

On Wednesday, a nonpartisan group went to Waco High School to register students who are eligible to vote. 

Members of Project VIER, which was started by the Waco NAACP, gave students voting history and registered those eligible to vote.

"You're considered an adult and part of being an adult is exercising the right to vote," Project VIER Member Jackie Rhodes said.

Hipolito Galan, 18, is thankful the group came to his government class.

"A lot of us students work after school for us to be able to get it done during class makes it easier for us," Galan said.

For the high school senior, it's important to exercise his right to vote.

"I want my voice and my opinion to be heard and I believe that should be changed in the government," Galan said.

Students who are 17 and 10 months can register to vote but must be of age on Nov. 6 to participate in that election.

Even though Sarah Mendoza won't be able to vote until next year because of her age, she decided to fill out her voter registration form before the time comes.

"That way I can get a head start and I won't be worried so much when I turn 18," Mendoza said.

Project VIER plans to go to other high schools in McLennan County, including Connally, Crawford, China Spring, Robinson and West. 

Rhodes said it's important for young voters to understand the power of their vote. 

"Their interests may be different than my interests. If they want their voices heard, they have to register to vote and vote," Rhodes said.

Under Texas Law, high school principals are also deputy registrars so they must give voter registration forms to students who will be of age on election day.

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