Greywolf Brigade prepares for deployment to National Training Center

Posted: 8:23 PM, Sep 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-12 21:36:35-04

The Greywolf Brigade on Fort Hood will spend the next two weeks getting ready to deploy to the National Training Center in California.

Nine companies within the Greywolf Brigade will be battling each other for the next several days to get ready for their upcoming deployment to the National Training Center.

"What we are training is every company-sized element, approximately 100 people in a company going through validation exercise," Greywolf Brigade Commander Kevin Capra said.

The company situational training exercise or STX is designed to make sure Armor and Infantry Companies are meeting their training standards.

"We are grading the companies off of the Army standard for all company-level training and in addition, we are using the Cav. Big 8 which is the division level training guidance for evaluation out here," Major Mike Herbert said.

The brigade companies are split up to test their ability to successfully perform their mission-essential tasks including conducting a defense, conducting an attack and conducting a movement to contact.

"We are going to be going against another company, we are training up our guys, we have a lot of drivers training going on, we got a lot of gunners getting trained up getting these crews certified and working together," SSgt. Manuel Rodriguez said.

Soldiers in the brigade go through training like this roughly every six months.

"It's just like any job anybody has, you know if you don't continue to do something, you will lose it..." SSgt. Rodriguez said.

The brigade is scheduled to deploy to the National Training Center in January where they will train for a month in hopes to become a certified brigade, meaning they are fit for battle.

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