Baylor football prepares for step forward with Duke

Posted at 10:22 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 23:22:16-04

Last time Baylor played Duke, the Blue Devils beat them by 14 in Durham. This season, the Bears look a little different.

A bigger front on both the offensive and defensive lines highlight the transformation by the players in year two of the Matt Rhule era.

Still, Duke hasn't given up more than 30 points in a game for a year and the Blue Devils have pitched seven straight fourth quarter shutouts. Mix all that in with a dominant defensive line and you get a program that's in a lot better shape than ACU or UTSA.

Baylor defensive lineman Ira Lewis knows how good Duke is supposed to be, but he maintains his Bears haven't shown their best effort yet on defense.

"Coach Snow told me all the time you just need to be at the place where you need to be cause all 11 guys are doing the same job as you. We have to do our jobs. If one guy come out and don't do their job a hole will get hit and a big play will happen. So everyone has to do that. Just do their job."

Seems simple when you see it like that, but still a fan base fresh off a 1-11 season might be slow to buy in. These players though? They're the exact opposite.

Redshirt freshman Eleasah Anderson had a front row seat to last year and he says Baylor understands this game against Duke gives them a chance to not only win fans back over, but prepare for the bigger picture of the Big 12.

"This game is big for us. Just getting us ready for conference. The big teams we have coming up they will give us a challenge to get ready for the big games coming up this week and Duke is one of those that will help us get ready for the challenge of the Big 12."

Baylor is scheduled to kickoff against Duke Saturday, Sept 15 at 2:30.

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