Dental hygiene students offer affordable cleanings, helping those without insurance

Posted at 4:53 PM, Sep 10, 2018
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Temple College has only been back in session for a couple of weeks and there are already plenty of people lining up to take advantage of a deal offered by its Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Kendra Remedios is a student finishing up her time in the dental hygiene program. She and her classmates work in the clinic three times a week, offering their skills to willing patients.

"It's great to have this hands-on experience and patient interaction," Remedios said. "It's exciting because this is what our life is going to be like, except a lot faster!"

It costs patients just $15 to secure their spot in a chair. That price covers an exam, cleaning, x-rays, sealants and any follow-up appointments they may need.

"You're learning but you're also changing lives one patient at a time," Remedios said. "This is a great deal for patients, especially patients who don't have dental insurance."

Remedios said the only tradeoff is that you may end up sitting for longer than you're used to.

"We are in school and we are learning," Remedios said. "Everything that we do, the instructor comes back over to make sure we're doing everything right."

Remedios has seen about 10 patients during her time in the program.

Corine Correa, a clinic coordinator, said students will typically see around 30 to 40 patients before they graduate.

"We do see all types of patients here,"  Correa said. "As we progress, they not only see more difficult patients, but they also become faster."

Remedios is ready for the challenge.

"From when I started, to right now, I definitely do see a difference," Remedios said. "I can't wait until the end of it because I know I will see even more of a difference."

Free screenings are done on Mondays from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The clinic is located on Temple College’s Main East Campus within the Health Sciences Center (HSC).

For more information, you may call the Temple College Dental Hygiene Department at 254-298-8688.

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