CTX company provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for animals

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 05, 2018

A Central Texas company is sharing a pet wellness trend that is saving the lives of hundreds of small animals.

Makul is an Akbash working dog who guards sheep from predators and while he was outside one day in September of 2013, his leg was caught in a coyote trap. It was at that point that Jean and Felipe Coronel were told amputation was the only option, something that was hard to face.

"He is very loving and protective of the family and so it was very difficult decision to make," Felipe said.

Which is why the Coronel's looked at other options and, thanks to a friend, they found Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for small animals.

The very unique treatment was brought to Salado eight years ago by Teri Swanson and Susan Lowry and since their opening, All Creatures Hyperbaric Carehas saved hundreds of small animals.

"The oxygen is pressurized so it crosses the blood/brain barrier and supersaturates the entire body when the cellular level," Swanson said. "Once the animal is placed in the chamber, it then begins to fill with 100 percent oxygen allowing the healing process to begin."

"It enhances healing, takes out inflammation and it also accelerates the production of stem cells so that helps the body helps itself heal better and quicker," Swanson said.

And fortunately, with 12 treatments it caused even Makul to heal.

"With the very first try, it was nice and plump and you could see the bleeding again. It was just pink and healthy," Felipe said.

 Now, five years later he is still running around with all four legs.

Not only is All Creatures Hyperbaric Care one of only two hyperbaric facilities available for small animals in the state of Texas, they are the countries first and only mobile hyperbaric service.

If you would like to contact All Creatures Hyperbaric Care, you can call Susan Lowry at (254) 722-1037 or Teri Swanson at (254) 913-7476

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