Military family who lost one child raises money to bring home another

Posted at 3:24 PM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 16:24:23-04

On Easter Sunday 2015, Eden and David Briscoe went to wake up their 15-month-old son Christopher and found him unresponsive.

"There is no explanation. It's undetermined and his classification of death is under SUDC or the sudden unexplained death in childhood," said Eden. 

Eden, a second-grade teacher at Copperas Cove ISD, and David, a sergeant in the U.S. Army have two other children and have been working on adopting another child through foster care. 

"It was something that was on my heart not long after Christopher passed away. We can no longer have children, so that wasn't an option and our house just we love our boys, but you don't continue to have children because the first ones weren't good enough, you just have more love. And so we still had love to give," said Eden. 

On Tuesday night, Eden and David Briscoe received a call that a baby girl had been born in Las Vegas and she needed a home. 

"It was another SUDC mother, who's living son, they had just had a baby and they had made the decision to look for an adoptive family and Stephanie knew that we were in that process, so they wanted us to be that family," said Eden.

Since a private adoption is different from a foster care adoption, the couple has had to start from scratch. They have had to redo all of their fingerprinting and paperwork. 

The family's next step is to get everything submitted so they can bring the baby home. 

The couple says in order to do that they need at least $15,000 just to cover the adoption agency fees. 

"It doesn't cover anything else such as finalization, bringing baby home, going to get baby. If she's put into cradle care which is like a 24-hour daycare until we can get her, that's $100 a day, so there are so many other fees that go into this," said Eden. 

Baby Briscoe's GoFundMe page, dubbed "Adopting Baby Briscoe" has raised close to $7,000 from about 124 donations. 

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