Baylor University to phase out plastic straws

Posted at 12:12 PM, Aug 30, 2018

A Central Texas university is joining the no-straw movement

Baylor University announced Wednesday that the campus would begin the first phase of getting rid of single-use plastic straws on campus. The university said that straws were no longer available in residential dining areas, but were available on request and with to-go meals. 

The university has also implemented trayless dining, reusable to-go boxes and the elimination of Styrofoam cups. 

“We are fortunate to work with partners in Baylor Dining Services, who have continually shown a shared commitment to being good stewards of our resources as we have worked to address these issues in a comprehensive way," said Smith Getterman, the director of sustainability and special projects. 

The Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans generated more than 33 million tons of plastic waste in 2014, with less than 10 percent being recycled. 

Companies such as Marriot, Starbucks, McDonald's, United Airlines, Royal Carribean and others have also promised to phase out straws in thenear future

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