Waco ISD sees an increase in volunteers compared to last year

Posted at 6:15 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 20:32:07-04

Students and staff at Waco ISD are two weeks into the school year and they're already seeing an overwhelming amount of support from the community.

With 15,000 students and teachers within the district, they have their hands full. They often count on volunteers to help lighten the load.

Bobby Joe Wilhelm is a reading instructional specialist for Crestview Elementary School. She said there are around 25 volunteers at the school who mainly focus on reading to the kids.

"There's so many things at the school they can help with and we appreciate every bit of it," Wilhelm said.

More help could soon be coming her way since the district is seeing an increase in volunteers. This time last year, Waco ISD had 882 volunteers. As of today, they have nearly 1,200 people who have signed up. 

"What we've seen as some of our schools faced a deadline to meet state standards and four of those five campuses did meet state standards, is a community stepping forward to make sure that our kids feel their support," said Kyle DeBeer, Assistant Superintendent for Communications at Waco ISD.

Volunteers typically spend around 30 minutes on campus each week. They can mentor, tutor or help students and teachers in other areas. 

"There are as many ways for people to get involved and volunteer in our schools as there are talents that people bring to their work and other passions in life," DeBeer said. 

Wilhelm said the quick visit from other adults helps bring many students that much closer to reaching their full potential in the classroom.

"It gives them someone else to just look up to," Wilhelm said.

If you would like to become a volunteer with Waco ISD, click here

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