Temple Wildcats shift to 6A play

Posted at 4:38 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 17:38:25-04

Temple football has been a power for years, but this season they're going to have to be effective at the 6A level.

Head Coach Scott Stewart made some waves this off season 

He said his team has had success against 6A programs so he wasn't worried about the shift.

In his defense, he is right, and he hasn't backed away from the claims.

The wildcats were 10-4 last season, and they return defensive standout Monto President, as well as quarterback Jared Wiley who is a big, tall drink of water.

Stewart knows the week to week grind will be more intense, but he and his team are bringing a chip with them to 6A.

"Everybody thinks since we're going to 6A that we're underdogs and a lot of people don't know we're ranked second in this district and we're going to come out and show them that we're tough and we're fast," Monto President, Wildcats senior defensive back, said.

"That's put by people. It's easy to type that, and everyone who's in this district is going to notice that. Right now we're the small guys on the block that had success in a different classification and when we move up the bigger schools will want to prove that. If you're going to hit something hit it harder than you've ever hit it. If you're going to run something run it harder than you've ever run, and if you're going to lift something lift it heavy.  Just have that mentality about you," Head Coach Scott Stewart said. 

Dave Campbell's has Temple at second place in their preseason rankings, so someone else is buying what the wildcats are selling.

You can decide whether or not to jump on the bandwagon week one when they play Cedar Ridge.

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