Waco High to restore the roar

Posted at 11:04 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:18-04

Waco High football is one of three 6A programs sporting a new coach this year, but their's is the only alumni. 

Head Coach Kwame Cavil is at the helm, and he's not only having to navigate the school's jump from 5A to 6A but also learn his entire roster. 

Cavil's staff is pretty much brand new, too. The school hasn't seen turnover in nearly a decade. 

The leading lion will look to restore the roar at the school that helped him get to the University of Texas and the NFL. 

But, will his team buy in before season starts? 

"It's just a process. A process of getting back to winning football. Being a former alumni and former player here, knowing what Waco High means to me, means to this community, and should mean to these players, Restore the Roar is a process of getting back to that," Head Coach Kwame Cavil said. 

"Just get back to the roots of Waco High and get back to Waco football which is nasty defense and determination -- hard work -- and flying around to knock people's head's off," Cory Ebron, a Lions senior linebacker, said. 

Waco is expected to have some high-powered offenses to compete with in 6A. 

Week one is a rivalry match-up with University. 

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