Eye exams help prepare children for upcoming school year

Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 20:48:29-04

Before your child heads back to school, you may want to consider taking them in for an eye exam.

Since the majority of learning is visual, vision problems can have a profound effect on a child's education.

If their vision is blurry, it can make it difficult for them to read, write and follow along with their peers in class.

Dr. Tracy Kramer is a family nurse practitioner at Providence Family Health Clinic. She said if your child is squinting or complaining of headaches, it's time to take them in for a checkup. 

"If you can catch something early, it's usually something that we can fix, but if you let it keep going and going and going, sometimes there is no way we can fix it. Usually, the simplest thing is contacts or glasses to fix it," Kramer said. 

Kramer said during the exam, children are asked to look at an e-chart or different pictures, colors and shapes all to test their vision. 

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