Downtown Waco gets brighter with LED lights

Posted at 10:51 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 23:56:20-04

The Public Improvement District (PID) wants to see more of downtown Waco lit up.

In 2017, the PID Beautification Subcommittee added LED lights to three buildings in the Austin Avenue and River Districts of downtown during a pilot program. Now, the city wants to add more throughout all of the downtown districts.

"There's been this effort to define some smaller areas within downtown as specific districts with a specific area," Jeffrey Vitarius, Director of Finance and Operations for City Center Waco, said. 

Vitarius said the first three buildings cost about $16,000 to install the lights.

"We're hoping the second phase will be clustered enough that people will see it more," Vitarius said. 

The lights are like Christmas lights that can be controlled through a tablet.

"It's all handled through an app. So you set a schedule and one of the individuals in [the City Center Waco] office sets the schedule for the lights and the color for the lights," Vitarius said. 

The idea is to expand a more festive feel throughout downtown Waco.

"Lighting also helps indicate activity. An area with lights on the buildings indicates an area where there's stuff going on at night," Vitarius said.

On Wednesday, City Center Waco met with downtown property owners to discuss the project and explain how they can get on board.

The PID is focusing on the Austin Avenue, Elm Avenue and River District at the moment.

The PID will fund 50 percent of the cost of installing the lights.

More lights are set to be installed on buildings in September.

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