Cameron Yoe working for wins

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:17-04

Cameron Yoe had a not-so-Yoemen season last year, and they're determined not to let it happen again. 

Yoe has a long history of deep runs through the playoffs as well as a couple of state titles. But, last year they were just 4-7. 

"A losing season in Cameron... you got community, you got everybody wanting you to do better. So, we expect that, and we use last year's season to kind of motivate us a little. It lights a little fire under us, want to get better," Jale Walzel, Yoemen senior outside linebacker, said. 

Head Coach Tommy Brashear said it was a preseason number one ranking that went to the team's head and hurt their effort. 

So this year, the senior class is preaching the little things that will hopefully lead to wins. No short cuts this season. 

"After last year, this year's seniors, they were disappointed. They feel like they let down the community. I feel like we let down the community. They're stepping up. I've seen it throughout the offseason," Yoemen Head Coach Tommy Brashear said. "They've done a great job this year of being more vocal and trying to encourage people and build them up and push them through when times are hard whether it's the weight room in offseason or when we're out working out or whatever it is. So, I've been very pleased so far with our leadership, and if we continue doing that, we're gonna be alright."

If Cameron Yoe wants to return to winning, they'll have to take out another playoff team week one as they head over to Mexia. 

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