Down goes depth: iron-man football the name of the game for the Teague Lions

Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:17-04

Teague ended the 2017 season 11-3 with a deep playoff run. 

But, the Lions lost a lot of players and simply don't have the bodies to replace them. 

Head Coach Donnie Osborn said his guys will take it old school and play some iron-man football this season.

For the players, they'll have to be in the best shape of their lives and fast. 

"We're thin. We've had the luxury the last couple of years of having some depth on the offensive, defensive line and we've had some quality depth in the secondary, and this year, we just don't have the depth," Lions Head Coach Donnie Osborn said. "Our big guys are gonna have to play some iron man football as everybody calls it. We're gonna get them a rest sometimes, but they're gonna have to be able to play 100 snaps a game."

"Here at practice we gotta work our tails off that way at the game, it'll be easier for us on both sides of the line. That way we aren't gonna be worn out, and they won't have to switch us out as much," Chandler Rogers, a Lions senior offensive and defensive lineman, said. 

The Lions will get a chance to show how fit they are week one against Malakoff. 

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