Clifton Cubs looking to raise the bar

Posted at 11:10 PM, Aug 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:16-04

The Clifton Cubs were undefeated in district and are looking to raise the bar even higher in 2018.  

In the early days of fall camp, Clifton coaches don't expect their guys to be perfect in execution, but do expect them to give perfect effort. 

Head Coach Chuck Caniford feels as though his team is at a better point than they've ever been due to the amount of returners and experience they have on the roster. 

The Cubs have also installed more in week one than ever before because they're in shape and they have a solid understanding of the base offense and defense.

"This group of kids has also been in our system for four years. I mean, our junior class, for example, they were our first group of seventh graders, and so, this is all they've ever known, all they've ever done. And so, a lot of the stuff we're doing this week, they've been doing since they were 12-years-old, and that's the advantage we have with having some continuity and consistency. So, you see that. They're able to pick up stuff a lot faster. Their decisions are quicker, and as a result, they can play faster," Coach Caniford said. 

"Last year, I mean we were working hard last year. But, this year it seems like everything is just clicking a lot faster and everyone's getting their plays done right," Hayden Horn, a Cubs senior tight end and defensive end, said. 

Clifton kicks off the 2018 season against Valley Mills at home. 

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