Bears playing with a purpose as they head into year two under Head Coach Matt Rhule

Posted at 10:46 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:15-04

Day one of Baylor football training camp is in the books.

The players looked bigger, the wide receiving corps is as fast as advertised and defensively Baylor is putting things together.

The biggest difference though was that players moved with a purpose. Instead of waiting to be coached you saw guys that knew what was expected of them.

coach rhule attributed that to a split practice schedule that saw the rookies start early with the coaches while the veterans came on later to up the tempo.

Rhule believes his Bears have momentum and the players can feel the difference.

"They've come so far. We probably have more in today than we had all of last season's training camp. Both sides of the ball, we're not having to start over because what you really want... you have 15 practices in the spring, you want this to be practice 16 not practice one. Because we only have 16 practices until we start school, so we want to make sure we maximize days like, days like today," Bears Head Coach Matt Rhule said. 

"Guys recognize that we're not going to be a good team unless, if the guy next to me messes up or does something wrong, I can't be silent about it. I have to call that guy out and move on to the next play, not focus on that last play. So, accountability has been huge," Bears sophomore linebacker Chad Kelly said. 

Coach Rhule said they'll continue that split practice schedule for the next three days to help the younger players get up to speed.

After that, it's NFL style with split reps until the best player takes a spot.

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