Waco High head band director continues search for living kidney donor

Posted at 12:01 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 13:36:38-04

Waco High head band director is still in dire need of a kidney transplant, a year after one of his kidneys was removed.

Scott Stulir, 55, is now on dialysis for 10 hours every night, and he only has one kidney functioning at 11 percent.  A living kidney donor began the process, but it didn't work out at the end. 

Stulir has been head band director since 2007. He started teaching at Waco High School 11 years ago. He also taught in Davenport, Iowa for 25 years.

Stulir said his quality of life would improve greatly if they find a matching O positive living donor.

"My life would change a lot, I wouldn't be tethered to this Peritoneal dialysis machine every night," Stulir said. 

Stulir doesn't know how the timing of the dialysis will affect his schedule during marching season, which starts early in the morning and can end late at night.

Stulir and his wife Kittie are hopeful that someone will come forward so they can continue giving back to the band students. 

"We have those moments that we get teary-eyed, of course, and it means everything, because we have set aside our lives to be with the kids all the time," Kittie said. "We are just very grateful that we are able to share with kids and we want to be able to continue that lifestyle."

Stulir is now registered at UT Southwestern in Dallas and Medical City in Fort Worth to increase the likelihood of finding someone. 

If you are interesting in becoming a donor, you can visit the Stulir Strong Facebook page or email the family at 

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