Brokenhearted pup mourns the passing of his best guinea pig friend

Posted at 7:21 AM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 08:21:51-04

After the passing of his best friend, one dog took comfort in the only thing he has left to remember him by - his cage. 

Joseph Scaramucci posted on Facebook that the unlikely pair were best buddies. Otis the guinea pig crossed the rainbow bridge on July 28. 

Mattis was clearly brokenhearted as he laid in Otis' cage after he went to "guinea pig heaven".

Brittany Scaramucci said that she didn't understand what was happening when the family returned from vacation, but Mattis would not leave Otis' side until he died. 

"When I went to pick up the cage and clean it up, he stayed right with me and then sat next to it and in it on the sidewalk," Brittany said. "When I lifted the lid off, he made it pretty obvious that he knew something was wrong and just looked at me like 'what is going on?' It broke my heart."

Joseph said that Mattis still hasn't finished mourning his best friend of 4 years.

"Even yesterday morning Brittany was commenting on how he wouldn't eat," Joseph said. "Mattis just seems to tolerate everything, so I was surprised."

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