Aggies in Atlanta for first SEC Media Day with Jimbo Fisher

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:14-04

The Aggies were in Atlanta for the SEC Media Days for the first time with Jimbo Fisher as the man in charge. 

"If I didn't think that we could win National Championships I wouldn't have came. I had a great job where I was at at Florida State and I had no plans on leaving. They always say you get the best opportunities when you're not looking for them," Jimbo Fisher said. 

Coach Fisher is proud to be leading the Aggies this season. 

"Not many Universities can touch you personally, academically, athletically and then professionally once you leave the game. I don't know how many schools can do it at the level Texas A&M can do it at and it's a very unique place," Fisher added. 

But, since his arrival in College Station, everyone has been wondering how the Aggies have been handling the changes.

And when asked, athletes and coach alike say they expect a strong season after what has been a smooth transition. 

"He brought a lot. He knows what it takes to be great. And that's from the first time he stepped on campus. From the team meeting he came in with a great sense of urgency. He came in with a look on his face and from day 1 he said this is not how it used to be, and all we have to do is buy into it," Trayveon Williams, a junior wide receiver for the Aggies, said.

Fisher referred to his team as receptive saying they've worked hard and presented a positive attitude. 

"Every time you've said go, they step on the gas and go. There hasn't been any fighting. Any I'm not going to do this. I think how we do things on them, we'll have to learn it in time. It's actually been a very smooth transition," Fisher said. 

And as far as the quarterback decision between Nick Starkel and Kellen Mond, Coach Fisher said he can't dictate when that decision will be made.

"It's when it happens. It happens when it happens, whoever takes over. If there's two guys that need to play, then two guys will play. One guy needs to play, one guy will play. You can't put a timeline on it," Fisher added. 

Coach Fisher also commented that he wants to see who the team gravitates to, saying a quarterback should have a presence. So, when he walks in a room, the team should feel it and respond to it. 

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