Church makes music video to show support for law enforcement

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jul 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-15 18:42:44-04

Members of Life Church Waco are using their platform to spread a positive message in a unique way.

A group of them created a music video in support of law enforcement.

The music video was uploaded to the church's Facebook page earlier this month and it already has more than 50,000 views.

The topic of this video represents a change of heart for many of them who used to have negative feelings towards the police, even Pastor Gabriel Dominguez himself, who lived a life of crime many years ago. 

Dominguez said Life Church Waco is a safe space for people just like him, those who have a troubled past or don't fit the common mold. Dominguez was on the wrong side of the law from a young age. He was involved with gangs, dealing drugs and trafficking weapons.

"You wear a certain uniform, you ain't nothing to me. But it's not that way no more," Dominguez said.

The video portrays both sides of the law and the events that lead up to a traffic stop where an officer and citizen intersect.

"My thought was that this is a really good opportunity to give a different perspective on what's going on with the police departments around the country," said Michael Sanchez, who performed in the video. 

Police officers from the Waco Police Department, Robinson Police Department and Waco ISD also make an appearance in the video. Through this collaboration, they truly show a connection between those who wear the badge and the people they serve.

"I know that I wanted to share the love that Jesus and the grace that Jesus has shown me to the police," Sanchez said. 

"I'm just grateful that they joined forces with us to be able to give the visuals we needed for the video," Dominguez said. "Just like we've never done this, they've probably never heard anything like it. So it was just a really neat thing to come together and experience together. It was very powerful."

The video itself is just five minutes long, but the people behind it hope that it promotes lasting change by strengthening relationships in the community.

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