"Boxing Babies" learn toughness and fun at Waco Boxing Club

"Boxing Babies" learn toughness and fun at Waco Boxing Club
Posted at 11:32 PM, Jul 12, 2018
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Waco Boxing Club has a rich history. Since 1972 its trained golden glove winners, professionals, and even national team members, but now they're branching out in a smaller direction.

"Parents called for their 2, 3, 4, or 5 year olds all the time," said coach Jaime Lerma, "Every week we get calls and I don't like turning kids away so last weekend we decided let's go ahead."

Since then, more than 20 kids, ages two to five, have signed up for the class.

These "Tiny-Tysons" do jumping jacks, high knees, duck walks, and, of course, learn to throw a punch. But, with all those kids you have to have good help.

"It was luck of the draw, I guess," laughed Denis and Megan Vergara when they recalled how they got roped into training the class.

"We had just kind of been asked to step in and help with the kids and then it just kind of evolved into a younger group and here it is."

The Vergaras' younger group isn't just about running around though, they teach the basics of a one two punch while reminding kids that fighting is only in the ring. Although, parents say sometimes they become homework.

"Unfortunately I get to be the punching bag at home, but I'll take him all day long," laughed Alex McComma. His son, A.J., is one of the youngest in the class at three-years-old.

Still, parents get to sit ringside during class and enjoy watching their young ones work in the ring. And who knows? Maybe one of these "Boxing Babies" will end up staying with the sport.

"I want to be a World Champ," shared five-year-old Blakeleigh Ochoa just before holding her arms in the air.

I certainly wouldn't bet against her.

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