WARNING GRAPHIC: Group voices concerns after finding several deceased animals dumped at same location

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jul 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:49-04


A member of a volunteer Facebook group that helps owners reconnect with their lost pets is voicing concerns after finding several animals dumped in a rural area of South Waco in the past three weeks. 

Central Texas Lost and Found Pets Moderator Tammissia Estrada said the group was initially called out there because someone found a dog deceased on South 16th Street in Waco. The person wanted the group to use a device that would help spot whether the dog had a microchip, which would contain the information of the owner. 

The dog and several animals at the site were not microchipped, but the situation highlighted a dumping problem at that location. Estrada said at that time they found 30 dogs. 

"This needs to stop, this is just one area where this happens," Estrada said.

The group has now put orange flags up as markers for the city to pick up the carcasses. 

"It's very heartbreaking. It gets very frustrating. In times like this, you just want to throw your hands up. You want to just quit, lock yourself away. You just don't understand why it's taking people so long to get here and other areas and stop this," Estrada said.

Waco Animal Shelter Manager Luis Leyva said people are advised to contact Animal Control if they still see carcasses that have not been picked up. 

"It's a secluded area out of the way so it's a high area of dumping, not only deceased animals but they'll go out and if anyone didn't want their animals, they would allow them to go out and fend for themselves," Levya said.

According to Leyva, they did find a dog alive at the site and is now up for adoption. Currently, Animal Control is hoping to find a way to prevent illegal dumping altogether.

"They are doing more route drive-bys through there. There are asking citizens if they see anything to call us immediately," Leyva said. 

The group is asking for cameras or signs advising people against illegal dumping to prevent this from happening in the future. 

According to Leyva, they are looking at both of those options. 

If caught, those responsible could face illegal dumping or animal cruelty charges. 

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