Temple to consider investing nearly $4 million in neighborhood revitalization program

Posted at 12:05 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:48-04

The Temple City Manager is proposing that the city council approve the investment of nearly $4 million to its neighborhood revitalization program. 

Brynn Myers requested $500,000 to be used to give grants to low and moderate income families who want to build or repair homes in an area known as the Ferguson Neighborhood Planning District. The funds would also pay for a police officer and incentives for non-profit and for-profit developers who want to repair or rebuild homes in the targeted neighborhood.

"This is one of our oldest neighborhoods in our community. It's our core neighborhood. And we think it's important that we reinvest in this neighborhood,"  Myers said.

The targeted area for the project is anchored by Jeff Hamilton Park, Ferguson Park and Wilson Park.

"We think this incentive program would help bring families who want to own homes and invest in this neighborhood in. And also give them the resources they need get them started," Myers said.

Bobbie and Chester Thompson who live in a neighborhood near the targeted area, received a grant from the city two years ago that allowed them to purchase a home.

“They made it possible to get in the door, to purchase a home that we would’ve just been a dream, instead of a reality," Bobbie said.

Perry Lewis who lives in the Ferguson Neighborhood Planning District said he and some of his neighbors would be interested in applying for the program.

“A lot of people would because there’s a lot of older homes in this area that need repairs," Lewis said. 

He said the program would benefit the community.

“It would improve the neighborhood, just the quality of it," Lewis said.

According to Myers, the proposed program would also help the community thrive.

"This is a passion of mine, and important to me that we reinvest in our original neighborhoods while we are also investing in the growth of our community," Myers said.

The City Manager is also requesting the council to allocate $3 million for infrastructure projects including improvements to streets, wastewater lines, sidewalks and lighting. 

If approved by the city council, the funding, which would come from taxes and federal grants, would be available on Oct. 1.

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