Lorena, China Spring prep for 7-on-7 State

Lorena, China Spring prep for 7-on-7 State
Posted at 11:09 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 00:09:46-04

The 7-on-7 football state championships are going to College Station this week, but China Spring and Lorena wanted to get in some last minute practice before making the trip.

Both teams met at the China Spring stadium and while coaches were on the field, you didn't see them do much. See, 7-on-7 state says coaches can watch, but not instruct players so you get a lot of veterans teaching younger players how to be.

Lorena senior Daylon Bartosh says that's not a problem, "guys see how intense we are out here and it catches on."

When football is as competitive as it is here in Central Texas, teams will take any edge they can get. Whether it comes with coaching or not.

"Passing is a huge part of our offense at China Spring," said China Spring senior K.J. Peoples, "I'm looking forward to the development of our young quarterback Braden Faulkner."

Still, when the coach has to bite his tongue it creates some funny moments.

"For sure, you look over there sometimes and if they see us slacking off they'll look angry and fight not to say anything to us," shared Lorena senior A.J. Bell with a smile.

State play starts Thursday and for  a look at the tournament schedule check here.

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