It's summer...which means bugs season

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jun 21, 2018
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It's summertime Central Texas and there are two things you can count on...bugs and heat. 

Summer brings out the sweat and the bugs. Here are a few you should keep your eye on: 

Asp Caterpillars

They may look cute and fuzzy to some, but they only bring pain to those who touch them. Also known as the Southern flannel moth, you can find these critters in shade trees and shrubbery around homes, schools and parks. These guys cause a severe sting since their venomous hairs hidden under their "fur" stick into the skin. 

Fire Ants

There are hundreds of different types of ants in Texas, but you know when you find Fire Ants. Their bites...burn. The ants also sting repeatedly, so you'll find several clusters of bites if you step onto a pile. 

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There are more than 3,500 species in North America. In Texas, they are abundant, in fact, they've caused at least three hospitalizations in the area just in the past month. Hives can be found in tree hollows, insides homes or in areas like "underused picnic tables." Bee attacks happen when a beehive or colony feel threatened. This could be caused by several things, such as lawnmowers, children throwing rocks at hives, a person walking too close to the hive, etc. 


Wasps look like bees sometimes, but you can tell the difference! Most of the stinging happens when a person gets too close to a wasp nest that is usually constructed near homes, buildings and recreational areas. A wasp's sting is very intense, causing swelling, redness at the site and pain. 


They're annoying. Yup, that's it. 

But you can get rid of them by making sure you get rid of any standing water (such as a bucket or bird bath) or using strong bug repellent. 


Remember the old saying, "you're never more than 5 feet away from a spider?" Well, we hope that's not true too. For Texas, two spiders are the most medically significant: Brown recluse and black widow spiders. The brown recluse is active mostly at night but can be seen during the day occasionally. A bite from this spider can cause severe pain. 

Black widow spiders can be found in protected outdoor areas or in structures that are open to the outdoors. These spiders bite when threatened or pressed against the skin. The bite from a black widow affects the nervous system, with moderate to intense pain being felt for several days. 


Scorpions are commonly found in Texas. Their stinging behavior is unpredictable. 


Often called "chiggers," the term actually describes a certain stage of mites, more specifically the parasitic larval stage of mites. You can find these mites in grassy and weedy upland areas. Chigger bites are most common in areas where clothes are tight, such as sock lines, legs, etc. The best way to avoid chiggers is by wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, shoes and boots. 

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Roaches are amongst the most common insects found in homes, schools and businesses. They like to eat the same foods that humans do, but they also transfer disease-causing organisms. 

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