Gnomes are taking over the Village of Salado

Posted at 8:30 AM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 09:43:51-04

You may have noticed people running around Salado hunting for something. We are here to report, the hunt for Gnomes is on.

Ro Shaw is the Owner of Ro Shaw Clay Studio in Salado, a shop that's been in the village for four years.

"People come here normally to watch me throw pots on a potter's wheel, but weekends and most weekdays I am in here working and people get to come by and see that," Ro Shaw said.

While Shaw normally spends his days making pottery, recently that hasn't been the case. Shaw has now been spending his days making clay Gnomes.

"This summer just to keep the kids interested, I decided to make these little tiny pots and so after making those pots I ran out and then had these gnomes sitting around that were about to be recycled from another project and so I put those out," Shaw said.

The gnomes are being hidden all around the Village of Salado for people to find.

"So they will be put in little nooks and crannies around, people photograph them and post them onto the Facebook Page," Shaw said.

And Shaw said, while this isn't how he would spend a normal day, it's a day well-spent because he knows the gnomes are serving a greater purpose.

"Basically, to bring together our community here in Salado and have the kids included and make it to where the parents and kids can go out and do something together and have something to share with each other," Shaw said.

If you are interested in hunting for the gnomes, a new batch was put out Saturday.

Once you find a gnome, you can re-hide it or keep it for yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, you are encouraged to post a photo of the gnome you find on the "Salado Tiny Pots" Facebook Page.

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