Teen suicide prevention being discussed by educators

Posted: 12:54 PM, Jun 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-18 20:57:04Z
Teen suicide prevention being discussed by educators

The 13th Annual Teen Suicide Prevention Symposium was held at the ESC Region 12 Center in Waco on Monday.

Over 100 teachers, counselors and mental health professionals gathered to discuss and learn about what to look for and how to have a conversation about suicide.

Different topics including bullying prevention, laws that schools have to follow in regards to suicide prevention, mental health and social work were discussed. Getting help for someone who is thinking about suicide is a team effort and not the responsibility of one person.

Jeni Janek, Counselor Specialist and Crisis Response Team Leader at ESC Region 12, said this event helps bring more attention to suicide and provides resources and tools to keep kids safe.

“We’re finding a big gap between our education personnel and our mental health folks. We want to bring them together so that we can have a comprehensive way to help students who are in crisis,” Janek said. 

Some educators are able to obtain Licensed Professional Counselor and Continuing Education Unit credits. This will help those who obtain these credits to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently in serving students in their schools.

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